KL Day One

January 17, 2010

two plates of rice, chicken, lamb and vegetablesThis was lunch. We had a bit of a challenge finding lunch because most restaurants were closed. We saw them opening up as we walked home around 7 pm. Anyway, this spread cost us a whopping 45 ringgits ($12.00). Rice, fried chicken (two pieces each), lamb curry, vegetables and fresh orange juice. Petronas TowersThen we walked to the Petronas Towers. Checked out the shopping mall and enjoyed the air conditioning that it provided. Bought a couple of maps at the bookstore.park and whale sculptureEnjoyed the park. Never did find the bird aviary that was marked on the map. Video recorded a stray cat stalking a doverow of parked motorcyclesWe saw a lot of motorcycles.motorcycles at an intersectionWalked through a Muslim cemetery.muslim cemeteryThen, went back to the hotel to collapse.

One comment

  1. FUN! Steve wondered just where you were and when we scrolled down to the money, it gave us a better clue. Non geographic Oregonians are we!

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