KL Day Three

January 19, 2010

This day started late. DaddyBird was awake around 8 am, but I was not. I was awake around 10 am, but he was not. We were both awake by 1 pm, so that is when our day started. We headed off to meet our friend SkinnyLatte/Adrianna at Ninja Joe’s restaurant for pork burgers.
six burgersSix pork burgers – original, spicy, black pepper, oriental, sweet-n-sour, and teriyaki.
Ninja Joes restaurant
Ninja Joes restaurantThen Adriana and some friends took us to a street market.
street marketWhere we had fresh sugar cane juice in a bag.
juice in a bagDaddyBird had shawarma.
shawarmaThere were many tables filled with wonderous wares. The bags in the lower center of this picture contain snails in the shell. Some of these things were recognizable and some were not.
various wares including bags of snails and unknown seed podsThere were lovely fish heads, fish of various kinds and squid of various sizes.
fish headsA table full of freshly butchered chickens with feet and heads still intact.
chickensThese women were selling bras. They were calling out to encourage us to buy, but clammed up when DaddyBird attempted to video their spiel.
women selling piles of brasDaddyBird had some fish noodle soup.
fish noodle soupThis cart had various foods on skewers that you could put in the boiling water to cook. “Steamboat Truck””
cart full of foods on skewersWe then were driven into downtown Kuala Lumpur to a street famous for its food – Jalan Alor. We were, however, full so did not eat anything here.
street food in Kuala Lumpur on Alor streetTo finish off the night, we had messy burgers. We had beef patties, wrapped in fried egg and cheese on  a bun with copious amounts of heart stopping sauces. Best not to count the calories or saturated fats.burgers being fried with egg and cheese
burger with egg and cheese on the bunThere are many more pictures, but I won’t post them here now. Áfter I get home, I’ll put everything in an online album and those who want to see everything can page through at their leisure.



  1. It appears that the number one reason to travel to KL is food. I’m sure you’re squeezing in a few other things;-) What no signs? Have fun guys!

  2. Think you need to change from Living the Travel Channel to EATING on the Travel Channel! That looks so dang YUMMY..well, ok, not the fish heads or the chickens in their all together! So, I have a query that I had better ask off blog! ttys!

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