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KL Day Four

January 20, 2010

Day four was physically difficult with not much pay off.

We went to the food court at the mall across the street for brunch. I had some lovely fried chicken, Swiss chard, spinach, cabbage and an interesting flat bread. The bread was round and had a sweet glaze on the outside. When I pulled it apart it had layers that were dripping with butter. How these people eat like this and don’t all look like Sumo wrestlers is beyond me. It must be the constant heat and humidity that burns off the calories. DaddyBird had nasi lemak, which is traditional breakfast food here. It usually includes rice, spicy meat, fried egg and cucumber.

We took the monorail to the central train station. We did find some lockers where we will be able to store our luggage on Friday, because we have to leave the hotel by 10 am and don”t fly out until evening. One productive item for the day.

We then tried to find out how to walk to the National Museum, which according to the map is a short distance away. HOWEVER, there is a highway between the two, so we gave up and got a taxi (teksi) for a whopping 7RM (less than $2).

We enjoyed the museum, although I was very footsore by then and also rather put out that there were no benches in the museum to provide a place to stop and rest.

We then tried to figure out how to get to the park where there is an aviary and a butterfly area. This, again was within a short distance, but across a major roadway. This time there was a pedestrian overpass. It involved a long set of stairs and the escalator was not working. So, we hiked up the stairs. Below is the view from the top of the stairs.
Kuala Lumpur as seen from Planetarium
The first part of the park we encountered was the planetarium where we found Stonehenge. It was one of several recreations of ancient astrological observatories.
replica of Stonehenge
We eventually found the aviary, which it turns out is the largest free flight walk-in aviary. It was only 30 minutes until closing and it cost 42RM, so we decided that tomorrow, we will cut to the chase, take a taxi straight to the aviary, skipping the trains, walking and stairs, and get our money’s worth.

We took a taxi back to the hotel (20RM/$5) and I took a little nap. Around 9:30 pm we thought maybe we should get another meal under our belts before bed. We ended up at a hotel restaurant, which did not make Daddybird happy, but most of the restaurants open that late were serving spicy food that I cannot eat. Most of the meal was passable. Daddybird’s duck appetizer, pictured below, was beautiful, but tough and tasteless.
duck appetizer