Bird Park

January 23, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Day 5, part one

We went to the bird park which claims to be the largest free flight, walk-in aviary. It is quite large, so I tend to believe them. It was expensive by KL standards – 42 ringgits per person (approx. $12.50), but it is worth the price if you like flora and fauna at all.

There is a large variety of birds, this is just a sampling of what we saw.
stork on its nest in a treeI did not notice the official name of this bird. I assume it is a type of stork. The one below was relaxing, although that position doesn’t look very relaxing.
stork resting on its knees

I think this is one of the yellow breasted starlings, but his back is turned to us, so it is hard to tell.

blue bird with black head

The most spectacular bird was the Scarlet Ibis. This picture doesn’t do the color justice. They were very bright red.
white ibis and scarlet ibis

This is the other spectacular bird. So spectacular that they weren’t even pictured on the signs to tell us what they were. Measles bird? The Jackson Pollock? (no, too much of a pattern for that name.)
brighlty colored bird with speckles

The owl on the right was doing a little dance right up until I hit the record button. They look almost as much like rodents as they do owls.
two owls

There were, of course, plenty of parrots and lovebirds.
bright red lovebird with green wings

This is the Southern Cassowary.
Southern Cassowary

And, last but not least, beware the dreaded Junglefowl!
sign showing a rooster labeled as Red Junglefowl

actual picture of a junglefowl rooster



  1. Hey, I think I saw that last one in Hawaii. Kauai is literally crawling with them! Now I can feel like I’ve been some place exciting too, and I didn’t pay to get in. Okay, technically I paid a lot, but hey, plane fare and hotel costs don’t count, right? Would you recommend Kuala Lumpur for general adventure travel? Oh yea of the Travel Channel?

    • Yes, we recommend it and will be going again ourselves. Once I get caught up with posting the pictures, etc., I’ll sum up the experience and make recommendations.

  2. OK, am amazed! The colors are stunning..even the browns are vibrant. Thank you so very much for sharing them with us!!!

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