KL Day Six

January 27, 2010

Our last day in Kuala Lumpur we had to check out of the hotel by 10 am, but our flight was not until 7:30 pm, so we put our bags in storage and had some more fun. We still had 37% of the money we budgeted for the trip, so I went shopping! It was nearly impossible to find clothes our size, so we went into Gulati’s Silk House and bought 35 meters of various material (cotton, linen, satin, chiffon). I have my year’s worth of sewing cut out for me.
Then we took the train to the Central Market area. There was some amazing graffiti along the river. graffiti along the river in Kuala Lumpur
In the China Town area we came upon Petaling Street.
Kuala Lumpur China Town area, Petaling Street
It is lined with stalls selling cheap handbags, sun glasses, and illegal DVDs. We did not buy any of the above.
booths lining the street selling cheap handbags and sunglasses
We met up with Adrianna and Andrew for beef noodles.
bowl of beef, rice noodles and egg noodles
We each had a bowl of beef with rice noodles and egg noodles and a bowl of soup for a whopping 8RM each. (approx. $3.00)
bowl of broth and several types of beef meatIt was very tasty. I really like Cantonese cooking, because it is very savory without being spicy. Very yummy!

By this time it was afternoon and we needed to head to the train station to retrieve our luggage and get on the express train to the airport.


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