KL Signs Two

February 2, 2010

purse snatching warning signSo, some ask if it was safe in KL. There are warnings about purse snatchers and pickpockets, but we did not see or experience any theft. DaddyBird walked through the neighborhood late at night and felt safe. pick pocket warning signI was concentrating on taking this picture and DaddyBird was wondering where I had wondered off to. I didn’t see him in the photo until later.
Air Asia advertisement about DubaiApparently, Dubai is everywhere and you can’t escape it. This is an AirAsia advertisement in the central train station.
McDonalds advertisement for the double prosperity burgerWe were tempted to break our “no McDonalds” rule and have the double prosperity burger, but we ran out of time and were eating a lot of other food, as you have seen previously.
burger advertisement indicating it is 90% pure meatThis is the banner ad for the messy burger (in Day 3 post). Notice that it is 90% pure meat. Not sure what the other 10% might be and I’m not asking.
restaurant sign with Mickey Mouse on itHere we have an unauthorized use of Mickey. I’m not sure why he has green gloves on, but it is probably best not to think too hard about it.
bathroom sign asking people not to squat on top of the toilet seatNow, we get to a cultural difference item. There were normal public toilets with the bowl, tank, seat, etc., and there were squat toilets, basically a small basin in the floor that flushes over which one squats. The public toilets on the street were kind enough to have both and signage so you would know what you were getting. However, apparently some who are used to squatting attempt to do this with standard toilets — hence the need for this warning sign. (And, yes, this particular toilet had footprints on the seat.)sign on stairs in airport stating "no entry for authorized personnel only"Our last sign was in the airport. I think there was supposed to be a comma or break in there somewhere. Ah, the importance of punctuation!


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