Monte Carlo at Night, and more…

March 3, 2010

Posted by DaddyBird

A few more pictures from Monaco:

Here’s the Monte Carlo Casino again…

…and the Café de Paris, etc…

…The Hotel de Paris, next to the Monte Carlo Casino, across the square from the Café de Paris…

…and at the other end of the Hotel de Paris, looking back up the street towards my hotel, the Hotel Hermitage.

Here’s one of the lovely fountains in the park on the other side of the square from the casino.

Here are a few more random pictures from Monaco, mostly chosen for the glimpses of the high rocky terrain in the background. The area is rugged and mountainous, and yet surprisingly green. Quite naturally beautiful.

Looking towards the East end of Monaco, from the Fairmont Hotel…

…and much of the same view from the street below. (But with more of the terrain in the background.)

Near the square in Monte Carlo, looking the other way down the street from my hotel. (Hey, look! A construction crane!)

As you can see, there are quite a lot of high-rise apartment buildings in Monaco. Still, they are dwarfed by the towering surroundings.


One comment

  1. I always say no matter where you go, there is a requirement of construction or cleaning: cranes & scaffolding. I started collecting the pictures of the less appealing because it became a joke in my travels. I’ve seen (but not limited to) the following in scaffolding: Arc d’ Triumphe, St. Peter’s basilica, Heidelberg castle, Tower bridge, and Brandenburg gate.
    Monaco has been in so many movies I feel like I’ve been there and those rugged hills killed Princess Grace! It is pretty spectacular. Wish I could find a job that sent me to Monaco!

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