March 28, 2010

aji sashimiWe’ve discovered a new favorite restaurant, like we needed one. And, as you can see, it has the added benefit of creative food presentation. Aji is one of the more delicious fish on the face of the earth and now we know he is handsome, as well.




  1. Yummy – haven’t been there in ages.

  2. So, maybe it is all in perspective, but from here it looks like a fish with its guts falling out on the table. Okay, I admit I’m not a huge fish fan, but I’ve never been thrilled when the food could look back at me.

  3. Am with your last commenter, even if I am a fish fan. While I admit it is creative, it is a bit over the top and the skewer is just too bizarre. Unless it is the UAE version of a fish basket???

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