Oliver, Cardboard and Climbing

May 3, 2010

Oliver loves to chew on cardboard. He also likes to get up on top of the kitchen cabinets. Once caught in the act and the camera is on, he puts on his innocent face.

Oliver has calmed down greatly (post-neutering). He still has a loud voice, but he isn’t constantly using it. He is much happier and so are we. He is getting back to his old self – playing fetch and running around after Bert. He still gets a bit wound up in the evenings when Bert wants to nap and Oliver is bored and wants to be entertained, but we are counting our blessings. Whew!



  1. He looks like he trying to blend into the background and thinking, “if I don’t move maybe, they won’t see me.”

  2. maybe his cardboard craving is from when he was a street cat.

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