Classical Movies

June 17, 2010

Posted by Kanga.

While in a local store looking for more Bollywood movie DVDs we happened upon this section.

section of DVDs labeled "Classical Movies"

Among the Classical Movies are three Streisand movies – On a Clear Day, The Main Event, and What’s Up Doc.

On a Clear Day dvd case

And, of course, Shaft. (Which is selling for 43 AED – just under $12.00)

Shaft dvd case

I never cease to be amazed at what you can get here. We did not stock up on Barbra Streisand/Ryan O’Neal movies. DaddyBird did, however, find a little gem – “Ten Inch Hero” – a fun little ensemble piece with a young Jensen Ackles (currently Dean in Supernatural).

A couple of scenes were obviously censored, which was funny and fine with me. I got the jist without whatever it was they cut out. It is actually rare for DVDs to be censored this way, because it has to be done before the discs are created. VHS tape can be cut or erased after the fact.

We also purchased 10 Things I Hate About You, a fun romantic comedy that we saw on one of our plane flights. The rest of the purchase was Bollywood movies, with any luck I will be reviewing for you this summer. I’m learning to appreciate the value of having song and dance in every movie. Kinda miss it when I watch American films.



  1. I love 10 things I hate about you. Wish it were just a bit cleaner so it could be used in high school. Since they’d all appreciate that Heath Ledger was 20 in this movie, even if they found the guy from Numbers/The Santa Claus (David Krumholz) more nerdy.

  2. We adore What’s up Doc..watch it often!

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