Signs from the ‘Hood

June 24, 2010

Posted by Kanga.
Fresh Fish Restaurant sign

A creatively named restaurant. Hmm… wonder what they serve here.

Little Princess Cafe and Cafeteria sign

Now you know what the royalty is up to.

Spur Steak restaurant advertisement

Here’s an image I never expected to see in the Middle East. (This is actually in a mall not in the neighborhood.)

Spur Steak restaurant advertisement

“Spur People – People with a Taste for Life”

Sign showing a chicken holding a drumstick

Chicken Tikke so good even a chicken will eat it!

Sign with the word Chinese misspelled

Chinees Food, speaks for itself.

Tuna advertisement on a taxi

We first saw Rio More tuna in a commercial during the previews at a movie theatre. Then I saw it plastered all over this taxi. The image of tuna in olive oil (greenish goo) is not very appetizing.


One comment

  1. somehow..these are a tad scary! tuna in olive oil? cannibal chickens? and Indians in Dubai???

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