Sticker shock

August 11, 2010

Posted by Kanga.

I’m in the States presently. I have to say I suffered sticker shock when I saw the gas station sign indicating that gasoline is $3.00 per gallon and up. Ouch! Then I bought a daily newspaper from a vending machine for $1.00. You’d think it was made of gasoline for that price.

I’ve made a small contribution to the local economy buying a few things that are difficult or impossible to get in Dubai. I put the shoe salesman through his paces trying nearly every shoe in my size. I bought two pairs of sensible shoes, unlike these I saw while travelling.

stiletto shoes


One comment

  1. I teeter constantly (not on heels as pictured above) but on the edge of “I need to be environmentally responsible” vs “Petrol is cheaper than dirt why shouldn’t I drive a V8?”.

    The cars my wife and I drive here are NOT the cars we’d drive at home – primarily due to the running costs being prohibitive.

    At home I would envelope myself in a warm cocoon of smug as I explained my reasoning for driving a 20 year old SAAB 900.

    Here I find no justification at all for our choice of vehicles other than… “because we can”.

    Not yet sure how to ratify that… am working on it though..

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