Magic School Bus

October 7, 2010

Posted by Kanga.
several yellow school buses
This picture may seem quite pedestrian to you, but this sight caught my attention. Two and one half years ago when we moved here, school buses were not yellow. It was extremely rare to see a yellow school bus. Somewhere along the way, the regulations changed and now they are everywhere. They also have stop signs mounted on the left side that are extended when the bus stops to pick up children. However, none of the other drivers know what that means and they just drive around the bus without stopping.
a tiny bumper sticker
An even rarer sight – a bumper sticker. This is the one and only that I have seen. The print is quite small, so you have to be very close to even see it. It says “I may be slow…but I’m ahead of you.” Which is not particularly pithy here. Impatient drivers here do not pause long enough to read something like this. They are too busy speeding around slower cars.


One comment

  1. that is funny! the bumper sticker AND the school buses.

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