Breakfast decadence

October 16, 2010

frying pan full of sausage wrapped in bacon
These pictures were specifically requested, so here they are. A while back DaddyBird discovered bacon wrapped sausages that also had cheese inside at the grocery store. They are amazingly delicious and decadent. These in the picture are not cheese “infused,” but are a homemade attempt by manually wrapping the sausage in bacon.
cooked bacon wrapped sausage
Then comes the scrambled eggs with onions and two kinds of cheese.
eggs being added to sauteed onions
The noise of opening an egg carton and cracking eggs results in the following:

Here is the finished product. This is an occasional, special weekend breakfast. This is a heart attack waiting to happen.
finished bacon wrapped sausage with scrambled cheesy eggs



  1. wow-I assume you put the collar on after you ‘egged’ him! Q-tha egg carton, does it hold a dozen eggs? It looked somewhat smaller in the picture. Also, did you really eat that many eggs with those sausages???!!! Definite heart attack! Still, now MY guys want that. I did biscuits and gravy for supper the other day, but this surpasses anything I have created! I noticed some sausages were larger, is this a mix of brands? how did you keep the bacon on? FUN post, dear ones!

    • Questions, questions! The egg carton was a small one – just half dozen. We usually get eggs in cartons of 15. There were 5 eggs plus the extra white (no point giving Oliver the white, too hard for him to lick up) split between two people. If I make eggs for myself, I use two eggs plus the extra white. There were two types of sausage. I recommend the smaller ones. No need to do anything more than wrap the bacon around it and turn it carefully while cooking.

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