Historic Dubai

November 11, 2010

Some things have changed greatly, other things remain much the same.

Deira spice souk



  1. And that’s why Sheikh Rashid was so important to Dubai. Thanks for sharing the info! Do they still store the oil in that open tank? Someone went to engineering school. And I assume that the one well has turned into many since 1967. I wonder how many of the westerners who came to develop Dubai in 1966-67 stayed. You don’t seem to ever want to leave. Is there a second generation American/English group there? You know teachers are the ones who need to know. Makes their students crazy, but that’s what makes us teachers.

    • I don’t know if the tank is still in service. I suspect that petroleum technology has moved way past that. Dubai has four oil fields (Abu Dhabi has 12) and it expected that they will run dry in about 10 years. I didn’t find a current count of active oil wells, but in 2001 there were 151 for Dubai. I don’t know how many westerners are still here from the 1960’s. I’ve met one woman who has been here since the 1970’s and she had to have been a kid when she arrived. We know others who have been here 15-20 years. We know several 20 year old Indians & Pakistanis who have been here all their lives and one second generation Canadian.

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