Time slippage

December 19, 2010

Where does the time go? I’ve been scolded for not posting more often (never make money with this blog if I don’t ya know – never mind that that has never been my intention). Not much has happened.

So, here it is:

i put up the tree.

artificial Christmas tree

The cats enjoy chewing on the artificial branches. (We did not even bother putting it up last year because they were still kittens.) It is currently encircled with a pair of toddler gates to keep them from grazing. Even though they could easily leap over it, it seems to be enough of a deterrent, so far.

We ate at pleasant little Lebanese restaurant with quaint decor (and good food, especially the freshly baked bread).

stained glass windows with shutters

And I saw this in the store.

granny square crochet poncho

And, no, it will not be under the tree.

There you have December, so far, in a nutshell.


One comment

  1. We did the tree in a playpen to keep the cat out when the kids were small. And if Pauli does not go and get R that ultra retro poncho..well, what kind of daddybird is he?????

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