Christmas Eve 2010

December 25, 2010

Last year we spent both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with friends at our favorite fish shack restaurant, Bu Qtair. This has become the tradition.

There were Christmas crackers containing a paper crown, stickers and a funny joke. (A corny joke, if you want to know the truth – How do you fix a broken pizza? With tomato paste. What does a doofus call his pet zebra? Spot. You get the idea.)

This was our toothsome dinner – hamour, pomfrit, two shari (not pictured) and two kilo of spicy prawn (also not pictured). It didn’t take us long to stuff ourselves.

We are a little concerned about our beloved fish shack. They informed us that they now offer rice AND they brought out malmac plates (instead of paper) and forks. Getting downright hoity toity. Maybe this is what happens to a great place like this after being featured on a cable food/travel show.

Great fun was had by all, especially DaddyBird.

For more on this fun evening, see our friend Micheline’s blog. (She writes a great blog. You might want to follow her regularly.)

Merry Christmas Everyone!



  1. Thank you both very much for the amusement and friendship over the past twelve months. (You are a very odd couple! ;-))

    • I hope that is “odd” as in unpredictable and never a dull moment, and not “odd” as in slightly smelly and awkward.

  2. that fish has TEETH!

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