Istanbul Arrival

January 21, 2011

Posted by Kanga

four mean using climbing equipment to clean large airport windows
This was the site as we reached our departure gate at the Dubai airport. Now you know how they clean the windows. There was no water involved, so technically not washing the windows. They wiped them down with a broom covered with a cloth and had a window cleaner spray bottle for tough spots. They were also tightening the screws holding the windows in place as they went.

yellow taxi cab with sign that says taksi
Sometimes you don’t have to learn the language to get around. Taksi anyone?

narrow cobblestone street

This is the street our hotel is on. And below is our current window. For three days, we will be in the basement room, then we move upstairs to the top floor for the rest of our stay. (I need to train DaddyBird to reserve ground floor rooms. The stairs are spiral and very narrow.)


One comment

  1. A street of pastel shades, jolly pleasant!

    Weather looks reasonable, unlike the rain you left us with, in Dubai.

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