Eggs in a Baggy

January 22, 2011

Posted by Kanga

Our hotel room has a small kitchen – fridge, microwave, hot plate, dishes, utensils, etc. (including a juice press) – which means we won’t have to eat restaurant food three times a day for two weeks straight. Our hotel manager gave us a map and marked the sights we should see AND the nearby grocery stores.

At the nearest, which is a small convenience store, we bought the following items for 31 lira ($19.71 or 72.40 AED).
bread, butter, cheese, 4 candybars, onions, eggs, yogurt, juice, pistrami, popcorn

Pistrami, onions, yogurt, butter, eggs, juice, Nutella, popcorn, bread, cheese, and four candy bars. I love that the eggs come in a plastic bag.

six eggs in a plastic bag



  1. Sounds great, glad you made it okay 🙂

  2. so the eggs not break? how healthy are they? What GREAT photo ops you have this week! and the cats ARE worth taking pictures of.

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