Turkish breakfast

January 23, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

In comparison to yesterday’s 4 mile hike, 2 mile tram ride, today was a rest day.

We trooped up the hill.

steep hill with cobblestone street

It is Sunday, so we discovered that many businesses, including restaurants were closed. We did not research before hand what the weekend days are here – Friday & Saturday? Friday & Sunday? Saturday & Sunday? Since this is a country with both a significant Muslim and Christian citizenry, we weren’t sure. (The answer – Saturday & Sunday.)

We did, however, find an open restaurant and were delighted to see “full breakfast” on the menu. So, for 20 lira each ($12.72 or 46.72 AED – we are in a tourist area, or it would have been cheaper), we had full Turkish breakfast.

10 bowls of various cheese, butter, sauces, vegetables

Three cheeses, honey, almond sauce, olives, cucumbers & tomatoes, two butters, fruit sauce, bread — and then the eggs came.

scrambled eggs with sausage

After stuffing ourselves and downing uncounted cups of tea, we ventured out into the rain to return to our hotel room and get my winter coat. Yes, I broke down and wore a coat. DaddyBird had already equipped himself with a light jacket.

We then decided that we needed groceries and that that would be our big adventure for the day. For our groceries we went further up the hill than our last grocery shopping adventure to a larger store. It had a corner entrance and was bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside, Tardis-like. Below is what we purchased for a whopping 55.70 lira ($35.42 or 130 AED).

bananas, bread, cheese, cucumbers, squash, pastrami, mayonaise, tuna, beer, cookies, mushrooms, spices, beans, meat, broccoli

Just getting broccoli crowns for 2 lira is amazing. Broccoli is fairly cheap back in the States, but definitely not cheap in Dubai.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of a long nap in our cozy hotel room and I may just pop in a Bollywood movie after dinner, who knows?



  1. You folks are providing excellent commentary, thank you.

    Now when are you going to find some of the creamiest yoghurt, plus preserved fruit, for your breakfast? It does not come out of a plastic carton!

  2. An excellent vacation day! Loved the breakfast 🙂

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