Istanbul Street Views

January 24, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Here are some random street views I’ve taken so far.

view down a cobblestone street to the sea of MarMara

The above picture did not come out particularly well, but at the end of this street is a lovely view of the Sea of Marmara.

man blocking traffic with a wheeled rack

This was a rather Dubai-like traffic situation. A man was pulling a wheeled cart across a narrow street blocking several cars. He was in no hurry.

street view with a textile shop five stories tall

I took this picture for the five story tall textile shop, but what stands out is the yellow Playstation sign. Oh, well.

main street with tram line down the middle and a man carrying a large sack on his back

This is the street with the tram running down the center. I was just going to take a basic photo, but saw this guy coming with his sack out of the corner of my eye, so waited a little bit.

tram tracks down the center of the street

This is the same street from a slightly different angle.

cobblestone street with yellow buildings on both sides

This is just a beautiful city.


One comment

  1. Sunday afternoon down by Marmara is when you see Turkish people at total relaxation, with family BarBQ’s etc.

    Delighted to read you think Istanbul is a “beautiful city”, very much helped by it’s soul.

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