Under the Bridge

January 25, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Galata bridge across the Golden Horn, Istanbul

We hopped on a very crowded tram and rode to the Eminonu stop. Nearby is the Galata Bridge that crosses the Golden Horn. Under the bridge is a string of restaurants. At the end of the bridge is more of the European Istanbul, but if you look directly out from the bridge, you see the Asian Istanbul.

large waterway, land in the distance

We walked to the center of the bridge where the walkway ends to allow for the boats to pass under the bridge. After taking a good look in all directions we started back and chose a restaurant where we could sit in comfort for a while, have tea and hot chocolate and read our books.

view from center of bridge back to land

Later we walked back to land on the other side of the bridge.

other side of the Galata Bridge

Near shore we could see some well decorated and lit boats that required closer investigation.

small boats tied up to shore highly decorated and lit

On close inspection, the boats were floating kitchens where fish were being fried up. The eating was being done on shore.

floating kitchen boat

Since it is nearby, we then proceeded to the Eqyptian bazaar. We walked through without buying anything. I would like some slippers with the curly toes, though.

crowded market place

The bazaar and surrounding area were really quite crowded. I’m glad we came in the off season.

crowded street

We walked back to where we could catch the tram and called it a day. A very nice day.


One comment

  1. HEY! there was a guy in one of those shots that looked really familiar…sort of like Pauli!

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