Nothing New Under the Sun

January 27, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Byzantine church

Today’s adventure begins with Hagia Eirene Museum. This is a Byzantine church (originally built circa 330 C.E.). Unfortunately, people aren’t allowed to enter the sanctuary. I would have loved to get a view of the dome from directly below.

church sanctuary

wooden stairs inside the Hagia Eirene

In the outer areas of the church was a museum exhibit of artifacts from early inhabitants – the Hittites. Which has led me to conclude that there are no new ideas.

large clay pot with an animal head and mouth spout

Like pottery with animal heads and mouth spouts. (I’ve never felt at ease with liquids that come out of an animal’s orifice.)

small clay tablets

Or palm sized document devices.

clay tablet containing an alimony contract

Or alimony contracts.

clay game board similar to a cribbage board

Cribbage anyone?

clay pitcher with built in strainer

Or a built in strainer.

clay pot with holes in the bottom

Or a collander.

Yep, no new ideas.

One comment

  1. Giggling over in the states! I am always certain there is nothing new under the sun (Solomon, right?) and this is GREAT! So, how come people are not allowed in the sanctuary? Who cleans it, cats?

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