Topkapi Palace

January 28, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

After the Hagia Eirene Museum, we toured the Topkapi Palace.

large tree

I’m actually glad we came during the winter. In the spring, these trees would be covered with leaves, which would be lovely, but the bare trees have their own grandeur.

library building

This is the library, which no longer has any books. How sad is that? A beautiful place to study.

inside library building, blue tiled walls and stained glass windows

We picked the right day in terms of sunshine and clear skies. This is the view from the terrace restaurant.

view of the Bosphorus Strait

Here is one of our lunch companions.

tabby cat

The tiles on nearly everything are quite beautiful.

tiles in star pattern

This is the view up the Golden Horn from the Topkapi. The bridge is the Galata Bridge where we had tea and coffee a few days ago.

view from Topkapi hill toward the Galata Bridge

To see the rest of the pictures, check out the album at

Unfortunately, taking pictures was not allowed in the treasury. I don’t think I’ve ever seen emeralds that large. It is an amazing collection. You’ll have to visit yourself to see them though.



  1. Is that it, no visit to the Harem, etcetera……..

  2. How large were the emeralds? As big as a half dollar? bigger? and an empty library is sad, but with the technology today, it’s prolly all on an ipad or kindle.

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