Sunday stroll in Istanbul

January 30, 2011

carpet of dogs playing poker

In the land of Turkish carpets, one hardly expects to see a masterpiece like this one. Today’s agenda, which was decided upon after we got up and were dressed, consisted of breakfast, walking through the Hippodrome area, walking down the hill along the tram tracks, and seeing the basilica cistern.

plate of mixed grilled meats

Breakfast, well lunch, but what’s in a name. This is at the Doy Doy Restaurant, just up the street from our hotel.

large stone column structure surrounded by scaffolding

Then on to the Hippodrome area. There was once a hippodrome here, but now all that remains are three structures – Walled Column (above), Serpent Column (below) and Egyptian Obelisk (below that) all from the 4th century C.E.

bronze spiral column

Egyptian obelisk

Then we were off down the hill to get a closer look at things we’ve seen at higher speed from the tram.

old growth tree

Like this old growth tree.

round stone gazebo

This is the Parade Pavilion where sultans would view parades.

Basilica Cistern, Roman columns

On to the Basilica Cistern…

Basilica Cistern

…which is inhabited by fish.

fish in the cistern water

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  1. Brilliant.

  2. Yeah!!! Love the old trees. In America they would be trimmed or taken out due to someone maybe getting bonked on the head by a branch and then suing the city-I like the artistic shapes of the branches and trunks.

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