Blue Mosque and Istinye Harbor

January 31, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

pizza and mixed grill meals

Brunch followed by rice pudding and tea, started our day.

pudding and tea

Then off to the Blue Mosque to see it from the inside. (Kris, this will explain why it is called the Blue Mosque even though it looks mainly white from the outside.)

men standing outside the Blue Mosque

But, first, Mr. Affable (DaddyBird) got into a conversation with a stranger. This time not a carpet salesman, but a guy who asked to take a picture of DaddyBird’s beard. The beard continues to be a big attraction.

old growth tree outside the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is so called due to the inside being covered in beautiful blue tiles.

main dome of the Blue Mosque

It is supported by four massive columns.

massive stone column

For more pictures – click here.

Then we took a taxi up the Bosphorus to Istinye harbor.

boats in the harbor

We stopped in at Fish Var restaurant.

bowl of fish soup

The waiter said the fish soup was good. He was seriously understating it. It was perfect.

two plates of fish

Then came the fish, followed by dessert. We don’t know what this is, but it was delicious!

unknown dessert



  1. Looks Super Duper!!!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I see now why it is called ‘Blue’. Thank you. And that chocolate whatever does look delish!

  3. Steve thinks that Daddybird’s beard is due to all the ZZ Top fans in the world…..

    • Yes, he gets all kinds of ZZ Top, biker, pirate, and “are you a priest” comments.

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