Bosphorus Boat Ride

February 3, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

view from ferry landing

We took advantage of a brightly sunny and mild day to take the ferry up the Bosphorus Strait to Anadolu Kavagi and back. There were many beautiful sights along the way.

fortress on the shore

Even though we were on a boat, I still managed to get a picture of a cat.

black cat on a roof

DaddyBird’s bare hands got cold after a while.

Our destination – Anadolu Kavagi

a town on the shore and a castle on the hill

The ultimate in hawking – men were calling to us as the boat was landing, telling us that their restaurant was the best and cheapest.

man standing on the edge of a shoreline restaurant

If you have a house on the waterline, it is important to have a boat garage.

houses on the shoreline

We had some lovely fish for lunch.

plate of grilled swordfish

After our three hour exploration of Anadolu Kavagi, it was back to the ferry.

view from the ferry landing

Our day was far from over, however, once we were back to shore. We headed up to Galata Tower.

Galata Tower

And this is why we didn’t climb the tower –

long line of people waiting to go into the tower

We had dinner and did some souvenir shopping along Istiklal street and then took the funicular tram down the hill and then home to the hotel for a deserved rest.

funicular tram

For all of today’s pictures, click here.



  1. 1-what on earth is that very PINK square in the first photo??? And then as I looked at the rest of the pictures I saw 1-how come there are so many Pinocchio’s? Is the story from there? 2-the satt dishes on the tree trunk were very amusing. 3-That was an interesting Rubix cube design. 4-I very much giggled at Bambi’s Cafe!

    • 1a. The very pink square is an advertisement painted on a large wall on the bridge.
      1b. We don’t know about the Pinocchios. There was another store with marionettes which were less recognizable.
      3. The rubix cube is “the thinker” sort of and the sign says “thinking makes us human… and mostly hopeless.”
      4. Yes, Bambi’s Cafe, ripping off Disney since 1974.

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