Istanbul Dogs Have Their Day

February 3, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Just to prove that we are not total cat elitists, here are a few Istanbul dogs.

large yellow dog sleeping on a red carpet

With it being winter and rather nippy, the dogs on the streets are often curled up and trying to keep warm.

large yellow dog napping under a tree

And they seem to think they can nap just about anywhere.

white dog napping in the middle of a road

I know that they look dead, but I swear that I saw life signs from all of these dogs.

white dog napping on grass

This poor doggy was tied up and the birds were just teasing him.

German shepherd


One comment

  1. they look as flat as the dogs do here when it is hot! well, at least the sprawled out ones! The curled up ones do look cold! Poor critters.

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