Speed Bump Ahead

February 12, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

There is a new GIGANTIC speed bump on our street. It appears to accommodate some very large pipes that start here.

pump machinery

And go along here, entering the speed bump…

large black pipes entering side of the speed bump made of bricks

The speed bump, itself…

large speed bump made of bricks and cement

At the other side the pipes continue…

pipes going down an alley covered in part by wooden boxes

Then end in this curly Q…

large black pipes that circle & attach to each other

Notice that the ends of the two pipes seem to be attached to each other in one big, pointless loop. We are assuming that is only temporary and that they will be eventually attached to something else. Also, even though the speed bump is made of cement and bricks, we expect it to be temporary, too. It is the Dubai way.

caution sign with a zig zag arrow

If this sign were to truly symbolize Dubai it would have to look more like a crazy straw than just a zig zag.


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