Traditional American Coffee Served in a Jar

March 1, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

a glass jar

This is a jar, ladies and gentlemen. And this, filled with coffee, was what I pictured in my head when I read “Traditional American coffee served in a jar” in the menu at La Brioche.

menu listing coffee options

I also imagined just what kind of traditional Americans would drink coffee in a jar. Ma and Pa Kettle came to mind or maybe the Beverly Hillbillies.

Well, since it was only a dirham more than a regular latte, I took the bait. I had to see just what traditional American coffee in a jar was.

coffee pot, cream pitcher and coffee cup full of very dark coffee

Okay, Frenchies, that is a coffee pot, not a jar.

Now having complained about bad translation, I must say I was happy with my coffee in a jar, because I got three cups out of it and that is almost like having free refills. (Although, considering I paid a little over $4 for it, not really free refills.)


One comment

  1. Meatloaf! 😉

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