Trip to the Grocery Store

March 5, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

A trip to the grocery store always involves some small amount of entertainment.

toilet paper package stating "gorgeous comfort quilts"

Despite the claim of gorgeous comfort quilts, this is actually toilet paper. I’ve always been amused by this company’s use of labrador puppies on their packaging. It’s like a subliminal message that using their paper is like wiping with a puppy. Well, they’ve cut to the chase and it’s no longer subliminal. “Puppies on a roll.”

toilet paper package stating "puppies on a roll"

One of the things we’ve had difficulty finding is baking soda. Until today, we’ve only found the small cans that are 1/3 the size of the standard Arm & Hammer boxes. It is also quite expensive compared to the price in the States.

box of baking soda and a small can of baking soda

On to the meat section…

packages of testicles in the meat case

Yes, you guessed it. These are testicles. Really large testicles.

close up of label on the package of testicles

We did not purchase any testicles, however, we did get “Indian beef mince” (translated = hamburger) and potatoes, so the meatloaf blog post is just around the corner. Any day now…



  1. Lool… you should see how much fun it is when you read the translations on the packages. “Baby marrows” becomes “Brains of an infant” etc…
    By the way, for some American produces, check out Safestway next to Mazaya 🙂

  2. Awesome. I’ll take 3.

  3. Getting closer, but some kind soul delivered me a take-out last night, so my lunch is catered for! 😉

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