Meatloaf Travesty

March 6, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

So, the meatloaf story begins a few months ago. We were at a hotel bar that attempts to be a British pub. It isn’t very much like a British pub, but that kind of faux imitation is not uncommon here. Our friend, who is genuinely British, looked through the menu and asked us about meatloaf which was listed in the “international” section of the menu. We confirmed what meatloaf is supposed to be – ground beef baked in a bread pan which causes it to look like a loaf of bread. So… he ordered it.

What he got was most certainly not meatloaf. According to the manager, to whom our friend complained, it was made of veal and chicken. Also, even though it was listed as “home made” in the menu, it was something they purchase from an outside source and just heat up when it is ordered. It resembled a thick slice of baloney which had been coated in smoke flavoring and artificial coloring. It was really nasty.

At a later date, to set the record straight on what meatloaf really is, we made meatloaf for him.
meatloaf in the pan

Meatloaf really shouldn’t be a restaurant menu item. It is generally not what people go to a restaurant to have, except maybe at small neighborhood diners where regulars gather for daily meals and you can get a “blue plate special.” Meatloaf is the kind of meal you have at home with your family and you prefer your mom’s version of meatloaf. It is a blue collar kind of meal – hearty and inexpensive.

The “British” pub should find another entre to serve as an American representative on their “international” menu. Maybe chicken fried steak or fried chicken or clam chowder or roast beef. (I won’t bother listing pork chops, pork roast or ham.) These options, however, would require actual meat, not processed & extruded meat byproducts.


One comment

  1. I confirm Karla is the Queen of Meatloaf, and as for her mash, no words are adequate!

    From a “genuinely British”, but preferably English, fan of blue plate specials.

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