Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

March 7, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

black and white goat hair tent

We recently spent a day in Abu Dhabi and went to the Heritage Village. We were there close to closing time, so made a quick visit. The highlights include examples of different traditional housing, like the goat hair tent above and the rock mountain house below.

stone house

Palm fronds are also used to construct barasti housing. Due to the desert environment these can last 20 years despite being 100% biodegradable.

hut and fence made out of palm fronds

There is also a small museum. We had to speed through it in about 5 minutes as it was closing time. It is worth going back for, so next time we’ll get there earlier and start with the museum first.

display of Arabic coffee pots

DaddyBird paused briefly to admire the coffee pots.

blue glass vase

There were some very beautiful items on display.

large double blade battle axe

This battle axe was impressive. However, I think if I was going up against an axe like that one, I would want a bigger shield.


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