Taken in by the Fez

March 11, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

sign showing a man's head wearing a fez hat

Turkish food is my new “comfort food,” so when I saw this restaurant sign, I was hopeful that it would lead me to good food.

indoor fake waterfall and pond

I suspect that someone in the 70’s or maybe 80’s made a killing installing these kitchy fiberglass waterfalls in restaurants all over the country. It’s actually rather charming.

silverware wrapped in paper napkins

I’ve never had my silverware wrapped quite like this before.

plate of various finger foods

We ordered the vague “platter” off the breakfast menu. All but two of the items on this platter involve white bread – regular ol’ sandwich bread. The dark brown ones on the left were the tastiest, but turned out to be chicken breast meat wrapped in a slice of white bread and then deep fat fried. Just when you thought white bread couldn’t get any more unhealthy.


One comment

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