Another Year Older, but Wiser?

March 19, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

We celebrated both our birthdays by eating copious amounts of food and enjoying the company of good friends.

There are no photos of my birthday celebration this week due to the “no photo” policy of the restaurant, but here is shot of DaddyBird’s birthday last month.

crowd of people at a table full of food

It was held at Aroos Damascus restaurant. We didn’t take a head count, so no idea how many were there. Let’s face it, there comes a point where you shouldn’t bother counting. Many, but not all, of our dear friends were there. Fun was had by all and the deserving waiters were well tipped. A success.

My birthday was this week and a smaller more intimate affair was held at the North Korean restaurant, Okryu Gwan. (Previous post about this restaurant here.) Seven of us ordered amazing dishes and shared them all round. The stuffed squid was a big hit with everyone. The spicy kimchee soup was a delight to the Indian tastebuds (and DaddyBird’s), but I know enough to stay clear of that.

The musical floor show did not disappoint. This restaurant is fun, tasty, and I highly recommend it to anyone in/visiting Dubai.

So, we are another year older and I believe a little bit wiser and definitely happier.


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