Dubai Infrastructure

March 25, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

man with wheelbarrow, broom and shovel

This is a standard sight for me each morning. The streets are kept very clean, but not by big vehicles with large spinning brooms and a vacuum. No, it’s men with brooms, shovels and wheelbarrows. Although, sometimes I see them equipped with only a broom and a box to sweep the dirt and litter into. And, yes, this goes on all year ’round, even when it is 122F/50C.

cart loaded with flattened cardboard boxes

Cardboard is recycled by being first collected by men with carts or bicycles.

two men on bicycles loaded with flattened cardboard boxes

It amazing the amount of work that is done here by manual labor. I’ve seen men trimming palm trees using a hammer and chisel rather than a chainsaw. Holes are usually dug by several men with shovels rather than a single backhoe. Cars are washed by men (or maids) with a bucket and a cloth. Even if there is a “car wash” structure, chances are it is just a shelter under which a man with a bucket and cloth washes your car. There are swarms of busboys in mall food courts to clean up after you. There are even men stationed at the entrance and exit of the mall parking to help you obtain or insert your parking ticket.

We still have our American “do it yourself” mindset, but we are in danger of becoming desensitized to the “let someone else do it” atmosphere.


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