Fun Shopping at Daiso

April 2, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Daiso is one of our favorite store chains. Not only can you find the obscure things you need, but there is always something humorous to discover.

Like men’s lipstick

package of lip balm

I couldn’t pass up the Last Supper jigsaw puzzle.

jigsaw puzzle box

Which came with a small package of glue and a little sponge, so that you can preserve your masterwork.

back of the box

And detailed instructions: “Please 1 and confirm the number of peace in the beginning. They are 130 pieces of 13 pieces X 10 pieces in total. Attention: They are groups of parts of a small class. Please note keeping enough so as not to lose it. It becomes easy to unite if it unites it from the peace of the outside frame. As for the outside frame peace, one place or two places have flattened. Attention: Please note that there are a lot of assembly mistakes. Please do not set if forcibly when there is loosening or it is tight. It assembles it while dividing each color that looks like peace referring to the finished image chart of the package. Pasting method: Please paint without irregularity to bury the joint part under the surface of a completed jigsaw puzzle with the sponge of the attachment and crowd. The paste will dry in about an hour. (Different somewhat according to the season.) When peace is insufficient: Please search for surroundings well once now. Still, please paint out the beam and the lack peace part with the pen, etc., and sorry to trouble you, but, send back 50 yen stamp to an enclosed postcard when it is not found. Please note the report of correct peace and not coming excluding an enclosed postcard. After it sends it back, We will send the peace and the 50 yen stamp at once. (Become a response only of Japan.)

I was a little confused by the erasers labeled “Gatherable Type – Baby.” Was it some sort of exclamation — Gatherable type, Baby! – ?

package of four erasers

Until I saw the Gatherable Type – Dad. It is a little concerning that Dad is making a fist.

package of large erasers

Proof that you can find just about anything at Daiso – a frost scraper – in a land where it never gets anywhere near freezing. http://twitpic.com/4ezh2w [taken by DaddyBird]


One comment

  1. LOL! I had to read the instructions VERY carefully to actually understand what they meant. I need to go to Daiso soon. Haven’t been there is aaaages!

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