Signs: Gas the Happy Way

May 6, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Time for some signs and sights.

large yellow sign apologizing for road construction inconveniences

Not sure why the Road and Transport Authority is in quotations.

car license plate taped onto the car

When life gives you lemons, make do as best you can, I guess.

natural gas canister delivery truck

There are many amusing natural gas company names. Here is Happy Way Gas Trading. Another favorite is Al Boom Gas. I don’t know if there is any delivery of gas via underground pipes (like in the States). I seriously doubt it. These delivery trucks are visible everywhere. So, anyone with a gas cook stove gets it delivered in canisters. I’m surprised that there aren’t more explosions and fires.

solar powered parking meter

These have begun to appear in our neighborhood on the street behind our apartment. These are solar powered parking payment machines. This means that the street parking will soon be more controlled, we hope. Parking in this area is chaotic including parking on the sidewalks. If you are wondering what it costs to park – 2 AED ($0.54) for one hour, 5 AED for two hours, 8 am to 9 pm Saturday through Thursday.


One comment

  1. Al Boom says Happy Anniversary! And since you are leaving, of COURSE the parking will be better! Murphy says so. (I also say Happy Anniversary and I liked the tea for two!)

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