Time to Once Again Drive Safely

May 11, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

vehicle sign "am i drive safe if not please call"

You may remember that back in the fall of 2009 when we returned from summer travels we noticed that these “Am I Driving Safely” signs had begun to appear on commercial vehicles. Ever since we have been collecting the variations on a theme.

am i driving safely in both English and Arabic

Some are bilingual.

vehicle sign "I am driving safely if not please call"

Some don’t ask, just tell.

vehicle drive safely sign with an incomplete phone number

Good luck calling this number.

vehicle drive safely sign with tiny lettering

Some are so tiny that you have no hope of calling the number unless you are stopped at a light directly behind the vehicle.

lettering on vehicle stating "trained to drive safely"

Nice to know that this one was trained to drive safely.

How am I driving? Your suggestions are valued. Please call...

And, of course, our suggestions are valued.


One comment

  1. Hello! I really hope you don’t mind, but one of your photos and captions made me smile so much I’ve borrowed it for my blog, with a link back to you, of course. Love your blog – I’ll be back to explore it more!

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