Apartment Hunting We Will Go

May 25, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

Apartment hunting resumed Saturday, beginning with an American style breakfast (or as near as it comes here).

tea pot, cup and napkins

There is no denying the value of providing quality napkins and not being stingy with them.

The drive to Fujairah on the Sharjah/Kalba road is always nice. Only takes 1.5 hours and the scenery is varied and interesting.

sand dune with fence posts

The advice to not build on shifting sands is clearly illustrated here.

sign with grocery spelled grosery

We stopped at the ‘grosery’ to get some drinking water. It is that season when you must be drinking constantly. The humidity was high that day, so even more important.

truck loaded with hay bales

We saw a truck full of hay bales on the corniche and a bull headed somewhere important. It wasn’t Friday, so he wasn’t on his way to the bull butting contest.

large bull in a small Toyota truck

We did actually look at some apartments this time. The trick is to just find the security guard and ask him to show you any empty apartments.

large empty living room

We liked this one and it is in our price range. We will have to wait and see if there are still vacancies in mid-June.

food including kabab, hommus, kebbeh, falafel

We capped off the day with a nice dinner. Day well spent.



  1. the brown treats? chocolate?

  2. Hey, the apartment looks nice. Hope to see you before you move! 🙂

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