Voyage, Not Particularly Bon

June 4, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

white cat sitting on top of suitcase

Oliver made his opinion about us packing baggage very clear. He did his best to get in the way and delay the inevitable.

golden decoration

We began our journey at the un-ostentatiously decorated DXB airport. The only frustration was the process required for paying an extra baggage fee for the third suitcase (because the website had stated clearly that we were allowed 2 each – LIE!). Instead of just being able to pay the person who was checking in our bags (as is done in any other airport) our boarding passes were carried to a different counter by a second person who turned it over to the staff of that counter. We then stood in line (too long) waiting for the first of the two people at this counter to match up our paperwork and ask us pointless questions. She then passed the paperwork to her coworker who actually took the money and gave us back our boarding passes. FOUR PEOPLE. Really, does it take four people to handle this transaction? No. It takes four people to delay you so that you stand in line saying, “we should have flown Emirates Airline.”

map showing a single line

We proceeded to Heathrow Airport where getting to your connecting flight is so complex it requires a map.

sign stating face direction of travel

And they give good advice.

It was not the best of trips. It was not the worst of trips. We really must stop this flying halfway around the Earth in one shot business.


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