The Long Bathroom

July 1, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

We are now the proud renters of the world’s longest bathroom. Okay, probably not, but it is certainly a contender.

long, narrow bathroom, toilet & sink

We had many trials and tribulations in getting our moving arrangements ironed out, but in the nick of time, things fell into place. We still don’t have our new electricity account set up, so further trials may be in store.

If Americans change jobs, first of all, they do not also have to change where they live. They do not have to cancel their phone/internet line a month ahead of time. They do not have to go back to the phone company five times to get a clearance certificate to satisfy their employer. They do not have to give their government id cards to their employer. They do not have to turn in their health insurance cards. They do not have to give their employer money to cover their final electricity bill. They don’t have to cancel or transfer their residence visa. They also don’t have to wait weeks or months for their final paycheck. In fact, if one were to do some of this in America, it could be done with a phone call. Suddenly, I miss America.

American rent is also paid one month at a time. The worst case senario is that you will need first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a security deposit. The rent in the UAE is usually paid in one annual lump sum. At best, one can pay in four payments.

So, Americans count your blessings.

On Tuesday, the nick of time, we were able to finalize the apartment and on Wednesday at 8 am the movers came. We had packed up much of our belongings ourselves, but the movers finished packing everything else (including stuff I would have thrown away) and dismantled the furniture and wrapped it in plastic or pads. Once they arrived at our new apartment, they reassembled the furniture. I think is was about 7 pm by the time they finished.

I had left Dubai in the morning with the cats in the car. Oliver vocalized his distress all the way to the car, but settled down during the drive. He again howled horribly during the elevator ride to the new apartment, but once there, went nearly catatonic and didn’t loosen up until after the movers had left. Bert was distressed and wandered around the empty apartment meowing piteously when he wasn’t hiding in the litter box. As I had hoped, once the familiar furniture and belongings arrived and they inspected everything and every room, they have adapted. Oliver is back to his overly vocal self.

white cat laying on floor

As Oliver demonstrates, moving is very tiring.

Now, for those who want the details, we have a 3 bedroom, 3 1/5 bath apartment with a kitchen, living room, two small storage rooms, and a maid’s (cat’s) room. It is a nice layout. More pictures will follow. Perhaps after we get things unpacked and arranged.




  1. Looks good, but about the appliances. . . are they still packed too? In Europe people often take their floors which seems a bit of a pain to move into a new place and need to put flooring down. I guess in America you often must supply your own appliances, but I’ve notice that rentals usually take care of that for you. Now you begin work at the library and at home. Glad it all worked out and thanks again for a glimpse into how other people do “it.”

    • Newly constructed apartments seem to not be providing appliances. Our previous apartment was an older building and had a stove, dishwasher, and stackable laundry set. We purchased a refrigerator which came with us in the move. So, right now we have a newly purchased hot plate and our fridge. There is space for a gas stove. (The gas will come in a canister, not via pipes) and a space for an all-in-one laundry machine. Any dishwasher will have to be a stand-alone model, because there is no place to install one.

  2. Good luck! It looks great, expect you need to time the trips to the bathroom, due to the long walk to the end hehehe! Hope to visit you in Fujairah when you are settled :-))

  3. Kitchen looks spacious – looking forward to a housewarming weekend!

  4. looks fabulous and it’s brand new!! thought it was easier to come on here to catch up on weekend activities than to trawl through twitter, congratulations on the job and the move, I am still jealous x

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