What I’ve Learned While Moving

July 2, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

This is the first time that I have moved using the services of movers who did some of the packing. I have always done all the packing before and some of the carrying and loading, too. Luckily, I packed most of our belongings, especially the breakable ones, because the packing done by the movers was willy nilly and ruined a few things, like the toaster which is now soaked in liquid soap.

1. Remove anything you don’t want packed before the movers arrive. Throw out all garbage. Donate unwanted items. If you don’t, these things will arrive at your new home.

2. Pack things yourself. The movers will come with big boxes and throw things in randomly. You might find that the new box of Yorkshire Tea is under the leaky soap bottle giving it a whole new flavor.

3. Label every box with what is inside. The movers will be bringing boxes into your new home as fast as they can and putting them down randomly. If you want to find your dishes or silverware early… label, label, label.

We have yet to unpack all the boxes packed by the movers, but the weirdest thing so far is that they took the contents out of the two boxes of Monopoly that we had, dumped them into a packing box and left the game boxes behind. I’m hoping the Mad Magazine Monopoly set didn’t suffer the same indignity.

It was an extremely hot and miserable day, so I am very grateful for having all the carrying, loading, and unloading done for us. They were quick and got the job done in good time.


One comment

  1. As always I love your posts.
    On moving, I’ve moved about 26 times in my life and there have been mover moves and self-moves. I remember opening a box and finding the kitchen garbage can, full of kitchen garbage from the previous house. It actually cracked me up, but it was smelly. As I became responsible for the moves, we did it ourselves until the last one. We packed, they moved. I LOVED it! They knew how to get things in a truck quickly and like prize winning Tetris® players. I don’t think I’ll ever heft & load again, but because of your experience, I’m still mighty fine with the packing. I’m experienced and good at it, so I’ll just keep doing it until I’m too old to move. Then I don’t care 😉

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