Joys of Shopping

July 3, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

The joys of discount store shopping in Fujairah match those of doing it in Dubai. Here’s a few highlights from today’s adventure.

store shelf full of realistic hand guns

First, some quite realistic looking toy handguns and plastic rifles. I’m fairly sure that these have been eradicated from American store shelves.

store aisle full of Barbie doll imitations

Not far away are the Barbie wannabes. There were some brunettes in the bunch, but they were all fair of complexion.

coffee mug that includes a spoon

This “one piece mug” apparently comes with two pieces – mug and spoon.

baskets that look like they are made of popsickle sticks

If you wondered where all those summer camp popsickle stick craft projects went, here they are.

laundry detergent boxes resembling Tide

Do these remind you of any well known detergent brand? Maybe it wouldn’t be so obvious if they weren’t displayed side by side.


  1. And how much does the camp craft project cost? Oh, and what is it for besides collecting dust when you get it home?

  2. I LOVE the camp crafts and Jon said the little guns have orange tips–like most play guns.

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