And So It Begins…

July 7, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

plate of fish and chips

We’ve begun to identify and collect favorite restaurants in Fujairah. Freddy’s Restrobar in the new Fortune Royal Hotel offers good food at a reasonable price, free wifi, and they know to turn on Bollywood movies when we arrive.

plate of rice and chicken breast

Today, we tried out the Thai Express on the corniche, next to McDonald’s and Subway Sandwiches. The dining area is too small to accommodate the customers it draws. Very good food and reasonably priced. There were actually three chicken breasts on my plate. No skimping on the portions.

Thai Express would not be able to handle a tweet-up crowd and not everyone is comfortable at a bar, so we will keep looking for appropriate venues.


One comment

  1. Love the heart shaped cucumber on your plate! I’d love to hear more about Fujairah as it is much less “famous” than Dubai. Is there a way to compare? I assume it has a different prince in charge. As you adventure do you feel like you’re in a different place or is it similar? Always curious. . .that’s me.

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