Welcome to Oliver’s House

July 8, 2011

Posted by Oliver the Loud.

Mah-Woo, everybody! Kanga and DaddyBird are letting me guest post on their blog. So, I thought I would show you around my new home.

First, let me say that moving was TOTALLY traumatizing and I don’t ever want to do that again! Luckily, all my old stuff came along – cat toys, food dish, scratching pads, favorite napping chairs, Bert, Kanga and Daddybird, so it’s not so bad, after all.

The best, the very BEST, thing about this new place is the window sills. They are wide enough and long enough for Bert and I to lay/sleep/tussle on. Day or night this is my favorite place. You can see a lot from the 16th floor.

tabby cat sitting in a window sill

There are lots of cool tile floors to lie on. When I’ve been naughty, I run and flop down so that I look innocent.

white cat lying on tile floor amidst moving boxes

This is the room I have to share with Bert. Kanga and DaddyBird lock us up in there when they go out, and I don’t like that much. Really drives Bert crazy. But, I just curl up inside the old suitcase and take a nap until they come back.

white cat in small room with toys

My one complaint is that the sinks make it hard to get a drink.

white cat drinking out of a bathroom sink faucet

All in all, I am pretty happy.

tabby and white cats curled up together



  1. A cat blog! What a fun idea–and am glad they seem to be settling in well. Query-you are on the 16th floor? I thought you had a ground house for some reason! What does it look like from outside? Just how big is your new place????

    • Rental homes (houses/villas) are hard to come by here and still very expensive. There is no such thing as a ground floor apartment, because all apartment buildings have business spaces on the ground floor. Our building is a combo of office and residential.

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