Ikea, How We Love Thee

July 11, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

sign on restroom stall door regarding furniture assembly services

There’s nothing quite like signs inside restroom stalls involving power tools.

hanging lamp that looks like a sea urchin

Sea Urchin Lamp, that’s not it’s name, of course, but it is what it looks like.

office chairs that look like they are wearing Star Trek uniforms

Star Trek, The Next Generation chairs! The price is astronomical. 895AED/$244.00 on sale.

sign in which the name of the item is more prominent than the picture

I found it interesting that the name of this product (and we all love Ikea product names, don’t we?) is more prominent than the picture of the product.


One comment

  1. and there’s nothing like women who snap photos while in the bathroom stall (I like to save pictures of the way toilets flush to share with my non-traveling friends — I’m sure that’s the education they need to be good Americans abroad).

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