We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Malls!

July 17, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

As I mentioned in my last post, another expat remarked about Fujairah having only one supermarket (in the western definition of supermarket). We beg to differ. So, here are some highlights from one of our favorite stores.

entrance of Safeer Market

This is the pasta aisle where I found shapes of pasta I’d never seen before. They have all the bases covered.

pasta aisle

It appears that Foghorn Leghorn is selling chicken stock these days.

boxes of chicken stock with a cartoon chicken on the label

This is the spice aisle where you can get lovely bags of various spices.

Spice Aisle

I’ve never seen such a large pat of butter before. (Five kilograms – That’s eleven pounds!)

five kilogram packages of butter

Frozen chicken hearts – don’t they look appetizing?

box of frozen Chicken Hearts

And the true test – Kinder Eggs!

carton of Kinder Eggs

And this is only the grocery section which is one fourth of the store. There’s also a housewares section and a second floor filled with clothes and shoes for the whole family.



  1. There was no need to move to Fujairah to shop at Safeer, closest to you in Deira, I think, is on Ittihad Road, Sharjah direction.

    • You frequently miss the point, don’t you?

  2. I love chicken hearts and with 5 kg of butter I can eat healthy & deathly by frying them in the butter. And the kids love kinder eggs (me too) chocolate egg with hollow inside that has a toy inside (if it’s the same as Europe) Thanks for the tour. Keep it up. . . (and when you cook the pasta shapes, show us the varied ones).

  3. it is sort of like a storied Fred Meyer! You don’t need a mall–gracious! And what on earth is a kinder egg??? It appears to be a candy, unless the Pez is shelved wrong. And Pez??? Is there anywhere Pez is not?

    • Yes, Kinder Eggs are candy. I can’t believe I haven’t told you about those before. Will send you some so you can experience for yourself. They are a chocolate shell and inside is a plastic capsule with a toy inside. The toys sometimes (not as often as they use to) require assembly. These were manufactured in many countries and the toys used to be unique to each country and Germany had the best toys, but, apparently, they are now homogeneous. Anyway, it is all about the toys inside. We have collected so many over the years that we now decorate our Christmas tree in Kinder Egg toys.

      I didn’t notice the PEZ, but yes,PEZ is everywhere.

  4. I love Safeer supermarket especially the non-grocery areas – they have some wierd and wonderful stuff in there. My favourites all the kitch-y stuff

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