Beef Stroganoff

July 18, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

I have now had the beef stroganoff at one of our favorite restaurants three times. Each time it has been different. It is now something that I must order until the recipe repeats.

First of all, the menu lists it as “ground beef stroganoff,” but it has yet to be made of ground beef. It is always beef chunks. The first incarnation was very like beef stroganoff is supposed to be except that it was heavy on the black pepper, so it had a bit of a zing. This is what I expected the second time I ordered it, but that order turned out to be beef stroganoff without the abundance of pepper. The third version is pictured below and was tomato based instead of cream.

plate of white rice and meat in red sauce

Each one has been tasty. I can’t wait to see what number four will be.


  1. Restaurants on the East Coast permit smoking?

    I sense you are living the high-life, time you returned to the earthier tones of Deira-style eateries!

    • Hotel restaurant/bar, hence the permission to smoke. If you ever come to visit, we’ll take you there. Cheap beer, too.

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