In Search of Good Food

July 29, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

It’s time for an update on our exploration of Fujairah restaurants. Here are the latest fields of inquiry.

Two buildings away, within walking distance, is the Shahrzad Palace Restaurant. Judging from the full parking lot, it appears to be the place to go. Iranian food, beautiful interior and atmosphere, quiet, reasonably priced – great place for special occasion dining. Pictured below is the chicken & corn soup. I also had the cholo kabab barg. The entrée I judge Iranian restaurants by. (My favorite at Special Ostadi. It was as good as Special Ostadi, although twice the price and completely different atmosphere and service.)

bowl of soup

Next, is the Ace’s Bar at the Tennis & Country Club where I had the “All American Burger.”

salad, fries, and a burger

The salad was quite nice and healthy. The fries were crisp (and unhealthy). The burger was passable, but could never hold a candle to the Carolina Alehouse burger.

menu description of the burger as huge patty on giant bun

The bun was giant, but the patty was not huge enough to fill it.

All in all, the food is tasty and reasonably priced. The beers are the lowest price we have found, yet, at 20AED (approx. $5.50)

Last, but not least, is Al Asmak restaurant at the Al Diar Siji Hotel. I was intrigued by the menu description of the Chop Chop Salad, pictured below.

lettuce, cucumber, carrot, mushroom and mango

This did not disappoint. It is lettuce, cucumber, mushrooms, cooked carrot, and mango. The menu mentioned pear also, but there was no pear in my salad. Really yummy. I like the contrast of veggies and fruit.

The restaurant was pleasant. The food and service was good. Fresh juices were twice the price they should be. Watch out for the tax and service charges, though. Also, don’t bother with an after dinner cup of coffee. It was not brewed, just reconstituted instant coffee. Not worth the price.



  1. So I have to ask … what is “American Sauce?”

    • There’s no such thing as American sauce, at least not in America. The “sauce” on this burger was a mixture of mayonaise and catsup (ketchup) that results in a pink sauce. I’ve seen it in bottles at the grocery stores here labeled “mayochup.”

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